About Us

Intellagent Benefit Solutions has been providing providing web service solutions to insurance professionals and other businesses for the past 22 years. We specialize in providing self-service web sites with full SEO setup, multi-platform capabilities, mobile notifications and management, client contact management and more.

Originally founded in California and spending some time based in Ohio, Intellagent Benefits has proudly come to rest in the heart of the Lone Star State in the middle of Austin, Texas.

Humble Beginnings

Intellagent Benefit Solutions was created back in 2008 when a large player in the insurance industry website hosting space closed it’s doors. A key player in that company saw the need for this web technology for insurance industry professionals, specifically insurance brokers. With a desire to replace the technology from the company that was closing along with a desire to allow for easy updates to clients websites, Intellagent Benefits chose WordPress for their base platform to develop their technology on, for both it’s ease of use, regular updates and security track record.

Intellagent Benefit Solutions is primarily run and maintained by Chris Miller and a small, tight-knit team of developers, designers and support staff. Chris Miller has been a web developer since 1994. You can read more about Chris Miller and follow his social feeds over on his site @ www.chrisrmiller.com.


Intellagent Benefits specializes in custom WordPress hosting utilizing their custom myBenefit plugin for secure data access along with traditional web hosting or WordPress hosting without the plugin.

We also take special orders for full app development projects from custom web apps, mobile apps, IT support and server management and administration. If it connects to the internet, we can develop for it. We also provide software architecture services as needed.

Health Insurance?

The insurance industry has long been plagued with the task to distributing massive amounts of data to users that aren’t always in the same location as they are. Our system offers an easy, secure, digital solution to that problem. Please contact us for more information as to how our products can make your life easier in ways you never thought imaginable.

What the future holds

As stated above, if it connects to the internet, we probably have code to work with it. The landscape of the internet is changing drastically, and we want to be at the forefront of the technology behind it. Mobile experiences are beginning to rule the market, so look for our advances in that field. If you think you know of a project that could improve our offerings, please let us know!