Packages & Pricing

We have numerous packages available for all kinds of applications, from a simple “Basic” plan to a more advanced “Custom” package. We offer services for custom application development and custom design development including full branding packages.

The packages below can be customized to tailor to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs, and to see how we can help.








1) Setup Fee:
2) Website Pages Included:
3) Website Pages Converted:
4) Email Accounts Included:
5) MyBenefits Clients Included:
6) MyBenefits Clients Converted:
7) Basic Template Implementation:
8) Premium Template Implementation:
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9) Search Engine Optimization:
10) 1 Hour Training Session:
11) Technical Support Time Included:
1 Hour
2 Hours
4 Hours

Additional Package Information

  1. Setup Fee includes transfer of domain name, setup of site and program, setup of new email service & accounts with personalized setup instructions.
  2. Each IABS account supports as many pages as you need to convey your business presence.
  3. Website Pages Converted refers to pages that are transferred from an existing site into the IABS system (if applicable). Additional conversion services are available if needed and will be billed at our hourly published rate.
  4. Email services provided by Google business services and Google Apps.
  5. Each IABS account includes MyBenefits client accounts. Additional MyBenefits client accounts can be purchased for $3.00us per-client-per-month.
  6. New IABS accounts includes conversion services for a specified amount of existing MyBenefits clients. Additional conversion services are available if needed and will be billed at our hourly published rate.
  7. Basic Template Implementation includes using a already produced template and modifying it as necessary to change custom colorization, adding custom logos and specific navigation needs. You can find already existing templates for use with our system on the Support > Resources page.
  8. If you need a custom designed template, or are interested in additional design services beyond standard web design, please request a quote.
  9. Search Engine Optimization is provided by custom SEO plugins to the WordPress system. Please contact us if you would like additional information on what these services are.
  10. In order to get the most out of your new website system, we provide training sessions for employees within your organization who will be involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the system. Additional training sessions can be provided if necessary and will be billed at our hourly published rate.
  11. Each IABS account includes time for "unbilled" technical support issues. These include additional pages to be converted or created, graphics development or any other service that we provide.